can virtual editor improve your writing?

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Have you ever rushed to send a client an important email, only to realize you made crucial punctuation or embarrassing grammatical error right after hitting the ‘send’ button?


We’ve all faced that frustration. But there’s a simple solution that technology can fix for you!


Increasing in popularity, artificial intelligence-based virtual editors, such as Grammarly and others, can immediately identify errors as you type.


As a real estate professional, do you realize the benefits of ensuring your communications are error-free?


According to the National Association of Realtors, 95% of agents use email daily or nearly every day. In addition, email is the preferred communication method for 89% of all clients. More importantly, strong communications skills are crucial to what clients expect from today’s agent.


Using a virtual editor can save you from struggling with grammar and punctuation.


Even if you’re a talented agent with excellent writing skills, you’ll know that everyone makes mistakes, and these new tools can help you catch a minor error you missed before hitting send.


How virtual editors work

A virtual editor is similar to a word processor as they both allow you to generate, edit, and save text documents on your computer. Powered by artificial intelligence, this new tool predicts the edits you make for your text based on your use of language and writing style. As it takes in the data of written work, the AI built into a virtual editor can understand Natural Language Processing (NLP) and can comprehend written words like a human does.


The more writing you do with a virtual editor – because it uses machine learning ­– the more intelligent, more robust, and accurate it becomes over time. A virtual editor develops the ability to edit your prose by checking the tone of the writing and then offers ideas and alternative word choices to improve the clarity of your content. It basically becomes your full-time copy editor.


The benefits of virtual editors

Having virtual editing software is easy to add to any computer. Versions exist for both PC and Mac operating systems.


First, a virtual editor doesn’t just highlight your spelling and grammatical errors but also shows you how to correct them by providing solutions, and often more than one option, with a click of a button. Its error checking is faster than using a standard word processing program, offering revised sentences, different word choices, and corrected punctuation – all to increase efficiency and save you time.


The second benefit of virtual editors is that they can help you improve your vocabulary. Virtual editors will point out if your word choice is weak or if you are using a particular word too often or are repeating one in the same sentence. It instantly suggests alternative words that improve your writing flow.


Virtual editors can also “teach” you better writing skills by helping you avoid poor writing habits. For example, it highlights the weaker use of passive voice to suggest rewriting in the active voice. In addition, it offers alternative phrasing to shorten your sentence structure and tighten your communication. It also helps by providing absent transitions to improve the readability of your writing.


Finally, virtual editors are user-friendly, and some offer options to work on mobile devices. They are also compatible with the most popular browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Others can work inside your email program to help you write crystal clear communications to customers.


Lots of choices

While the most well-known virtual editor program is Grammarly and is by far the leader in its category, there are other choices. Some, including Grammarly, offer a free version.


Programs such as ProWritingAid function similarly to Grammarly, but it works to enhance the flow of your writing and provides stats based on sentence structure and vocabulary. In addition, ProWritingAid also contains several unique implements, such as a built-in thesaurus for offering different synonyms. Finally, it offers a free Chrome extension and more than 20 types of detailed graphics that help analyze your writing style. On the downside, the full versions of ProWritingAid are expensive and incompatible with mobile devices.


There’s also Wordtune, which is easy to use and is powered by an AI that will automatically show rewriting suggestions to improve the clarity of your writing. This virtual editor will also detect if your writing tone sounds casual or formal and centers on shortening or expanding your text when needed. It’s a significant advantage: you can add it to your Chrome browser as an extension. That means it will work on Gmail, Google Docs, Outlook Web, and social media platforms. However, there’s no desktop app, and it’s not available for mobile or offline use.


Another option provided is Readable, which like its namesake, works to improve the readability of your prose. By analyzing your text, it points out grammatical and spelling errors, along with signs of weak writing such as run-on sentences. Like Grammarly, it also scores your writing in real-time based on how easy it is for your audience to read your writing. Readable then explains how you can improve it. However, Readable does not offer a free version, so after a seven-day trial period, you’ll have to pay to continue to use this virtual editor.



Protip: Grammarly’s premium and business versions can be expensive, but you can buy them at a significant discount through a website such as StackSocial, often offered at about half-off the standard price.


A hidden bonus

Perhaps the best thing about using a virtual editor is that you forget it is even there after a while, like autofill. You come to expect it to catch minor errors, and it’s likely to help you correct some bad writing habits.


In the end, by using a virtual editor, your clients receive clear and accurate communications from you. This matches what your clients expect when they hire a professional to help them with the most significant transaction in their lives.


If you need help installing or setting up a virtual editor, contact Tech Helpline, and an analyst can walk you through what you need to know.



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