Instagram Reels Data Performance Stats for 2022

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Reels Data Performance
Reels Data Performance

Have you heard? In social media, everything is about Reels these days.

Now that Instagram has finally allowed access to some in-depth Instagram Reels data and performance stats, social media managers are excited to dig into the nitty-gritty insights discovered by the hottest social media studies.

One such is the latest social insider Instagram Reels study, where helpful information about Instagram Reels’ engagement and reach potential were revealed. Let’s take a closer look at the findings.

1. In 2022, Instagram Reels make for the most engaging posts videos

If Instagram Reels constitute a significant part of your Instagram marketing strategy, you’ll be happy to know that in 2022, Reels record pretty good levels of engagement – 1.95% on average.

While Instagram invented Reels to fight the immense popularity that TikTok has gained and to keep the short-form video lovers on its side, Instagram Reels succeeded in doing so up to a point.

With TikTok continuously growing, Reels – although the top-performing content on Instagram, have recorded some fall downs in engagement over the last year, altogether with the whole content types.

Instagram Reels Engagement Evolution (by followers)
Image Credit: Instagram Reels Engagement Evolution (by followers); socialinsider

For social media managers wondering how to analyze their Instagram Reels’ performance better, it’s worth mentioning that Reels can record higher or lower engagement rates depending on the account size.

As a quick rundown, the data has revealed that:

  • the smallest accounts register the highest engagement rates for Instagram Reels – over 3.70%
  • middle sized-accounts get an Instagram Reels engagement rate of 2.24%
  • the largest accounts record average engagement rates between 1.38% – 1.51% for Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels Engagement Rate (by followers)
Image Credit: Instagram Reels Engagement Rate (by followers); socialinsider

2. Instagram Reels have an average video view rate of 2.54% monthly

There’s no secret that following TikTok’s pattern – Instagram Reels – for having a more limited watch timeframe – are more appealing to the users whose attention span is decreasing, having multiple sources of distraction these days.

Compared to regular videos, Instagram Reels perform better in terms of video views.

While Reels recorded an average video view rate of 2.54%, regular videos scored only 1.74%.

Instagram Reels Average Video View Rate
Image Credit: Instagram Reels Average Video View Rate; socialinsider

3. Instagram Reels have an average reach rate of 20.59%

Since reach is a vital metric, you should oversee to understand the visibility and brand growth potential; knowing how Reels perform in reach may help you refine your Instagram content strategy and emphasize Reels more.

When creating Instagram Reels, what’s most important is to align your Reels’ concept with the trends and market requests. Only then will your Reels truly succeed in getting the notoriety you’re aiming for.

What is particularly significant about Instagram Reels – and a powerful motive for which you should start integrating them into your Instagram strategy – is that they deliver insane reach rates.

While the smallest accounts usually deliver the highest reach values – between 30%-40% on average, middle-sized accounts struggle the most with getting higher reach rates through Instagram Reels. According to data, these profiles have an average Instagram Reels reach rate exceeding only 10%.

Instagram Reels Average Reach Rate
Image Credit: Instagram Reels Average Reach Rate; socialinsider

Surprisingly, large accounts can make quite a comeback, having an average 25.62% Instagram Reels reach rate.

When looking at these Instagram Reels’ reach performance stats, a vital mention that should be made – is that some reels may also get a reach rate exceeding 100%. This situation usually applies when they get featured on the Instagram Explore page.

That’s because this way, they get discovered and watched by more than just your followers.


Given Instagram Reels’ great results in terms of engagement and reach and TikTok’s popularity and high engagement levels, there’s an undeniable demand for short-form videos that will intensify even more in the future.

Since short videos rule the internet now, video content creation has become quite a challenge for brands trying to thrive on social media.

Being on point and offering valuable information while coming up with catchy and eye-candy visual ideas requires much work. However, the key to success is always keeping an eye on the data and trends.

Featured Image Credit: Claudio Schwarz; Unsplash; Thank you!

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