Quick Quiz: Are you a digital agent?

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One big takeaway since the pandemic is the real estate market becoming rapidly more digital. As brokerages rely more on agents working remotely, almost everyone has adopted more digital solutions to meet client needs.

Tech-savvy agents were best positioned to adapt, but many more agents joined the digital ranks.

Some agents have resisted the move to digital and remain happily “analog agents.” Others have joined the ranks of becoming a “digital agent.”

Where do you stand as a real estate agent? Are you a digital agent?

Take this quiz to find out. Please pick that answer that is closest to being accurate:

Question #1:

Do you use a digital transaction management program, and if so, how often?

  1. For every transaction
  2. For most transactions
  3. For some transactions
  4. Occasionally
  5. I don’t use a digital transaction management program

Question #2:

How advanced is your agent website? Pick the description that best describes your website:

  1. Modern design is 3 years old or newer, mobile-responsive, fast loading pages, with rich and current content, uses ongoing SEO and features built-in IDX search.
  2. Design is not more than 5 years old, has at least three of these features: mobile-responsive, fast loading pages, rich and/or current content, ongoing SEO, and built-in IDX search.
  3. Has at least three of these features: mobile-responsive, fast loading pages, rich and/or current content, ongoing SEO, and built-in IDX search.
  4. Don’t have a website or don’t maintain it regularly.

Question #3:

How often do you use email marketing?

  1. At least once a week
  2. At least once a month
  3. At least once a quarter
  4. Rarely
  5. Never

Question #4:

What is your social media presence?

  1. I post and/or comment at least three times a week
  2. I post and comment at least once a week
  3. I use social media now and then
  4. I rarely sign in
  5. I don’t use social media

Question #5:

Is your smartphone less than 3 years old?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. I don’t know
  4. I don’t have a smartphone

Question #6:

Do you offer a real estate blog, and if so, how often do you post?

  1. At least twice a week
  2. Weekly
  3. Every other week
  4. Monthly
  5. I don’t have a blog

Question #7:

How often do you utilize virtual and 3D tours?

  1. For almost every listing
  2. For most listings
  3. For only certain listings
  4. Rarely
  5. Never

Question #8:

How frequently do you use video for your real estate marketing?

  1. I use video all the time
  2. I use video frequently
  3. I use video occasionally
  4. I rarely use video
  5. I don’t use video

Question #9:

How often do you use your CRM (customer relationship management software)?

  1. I use my CRM every day (or my assistant/team does)
  2. I use my CRM at least once a week or as needed
  3. I don’t use my CRM enough
  4. I want to use my CRM, but have not had time to set it up
  5. I don’t have/use/need a CRM

Question #10:

Do you invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or online advertising (such as Google ads or Adwerx)?

  1. Yes, it is part of my monthly marketing spend
  2. Yes, frequently but not monthly
  3. Yes, but only a few times a year or less
  4. Rarely, but I have in the past
  5. No, and what’s SEO, Google Ads, and Adwerx?

Scoring System

  • 5 points for every (a) answer
  • 4 points for every (b) answer
  • 3 points for every (c) answer
  • 2 points for every (d) answer
  • 1 point for every (e) answer


  • 45-50 points: Congratulations! You are a digital agent.
  • 31-44 points: Almost a digital agent, a few analog tendencies.
  • 25-30 points: Mostly an analog agent, but moving in a digital direction!
  • 13-24 points: Much more analog agent than digital.
  • 12 points or fewer: Proudly an analog agent!

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