The best Black Friday gaming PC deals for 2022

Missed out on finding the ideal bargain amidst the black Friday deals and sales yesterday? No need to fret, as there are still remarkable Black Friday deals available for gaming PCs. Should you be in the market for a fresh gaming PC, we’ve curated a selection of the finest deals currently accessible. Whether you’re working with a modest budget or aiming to procure a top-tier gaming rig, there’s an option catered to you in this compilation. Take a glance at the ongoing offers highlighted below — it’s important to note, however, that these deals might not linger. Thus, if something catches your eye, seize the opportunity apple black Friday deals without delay!

CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme — $850, was $1,100

Let’s delve into one of the initial Black Friday gaming PC offers, which showcases an RTX 3050 – a graphics card not commonly found in desktops, given its usual association with laptops. However, it boasts additional commendable attributes such as a 12th-gen Intel Core 5-12600KF, a robust mid-tier CPU, along with 16GB of RAM. Collectively, these components contribute to a relatively seamless operating system experience. The package also entails 500GB of storage, albeit on the lower end, prompting consideration for an additional HDD or SSD to complement it. If you’re a novice seeking to avoid the complexities of building a PC from scratch, the Gamer Xtreme presents an exceptional choice, especially since CyberPowerPC sweetens the deal with a quality mouse and keyboard inclusion.

Legion Tower 5i Gen 6 — $1,100, was $1,540

We hold the Legion Tower 5i in such high regard that we’ve granted it a place within our compilation of the finest gaming desktop PCs. Beneath its exterior, it houses an RTX 3060 – a significantly more potent graphics card in comparison to an RTX 3050. Opting for at least an RTX 3060 is advisable when transitioning to a desktop, making it a worthwhile upgrade if within your means. The presence of an 11th-gen Intel i5-11400 further enhances its performance, offering a robust mid-range CPU capable of smoothly handling CPU-intensive games such as simulations and strategy titles. The configuration of 16GB RAM in a dual-channel setup bolsters performance, while the inclusion of a 650W PSU leaves room for future expansions.

Conversely, the 500GB SSD capacity, although functional, falls on the lower side for a gaming desktop. To address this, considering one of the ongoing external hard drive deals could be prudent. Lenovo sweetens the deals best black friday by bundling in three months of Xbox Game Pass, providing an appealing extra perk.

Alienware Aurora R13 — $1,300, was $1,872

Elevating the GPU a level higher, here’s a best black Friday deals gaming PC deal that not only catches the eye but is also a testament to Alienware’s knack for aesthetics. Sporting an RTX 3060 Ti, this offer promises a performance boost, translating to those coveted extra frames. Accompanied by the 12th-gen Intel i7-12700F, the system boasts ample power for streaming on platforms like Twitch or YouTube. Moreover, this enhanced CPU prowess introduces versatility, enabling tasks such as music and video editing to complement your gaming experience.

Marking a notable addition, this entry boasts 16GB of DDR5 RAM, the fastest variant available in the market – an unexpected delight within this price bracket. Regrettably, storage stands at a modest 500GB SSD, likely necessitating a future upgrade due to the expanding size of modern games.

Legion Tower 7i — $1,630, was $2,240

The Legion Tower 7i emerges as a noteworthy contender among the Black Friday gaming PC deals, presenting a harmonious fusion of performance and affordability, particularly evident with its inclusion of an RTX 3070. This equips it to effortlessly handle 2K at 144Hz – a resolution and refresh rate commonly found in the gaming monitor deals available. With the applied discount, the possibility of securing an outstanding monitor to complement the setup without surpassing a $2,000 budget seems quite feasible.

Even though the 11th-gen Intel i7-11700K isn’t the latest iteration, its prowess remains substantial for gaming, editing, and streaming tasks. Regrettably, DDR5 RAM isn’t part of the package, yet the dual-channel configuration of the 16GB DDR4 RAM contributes to a marginal performance enhancement. The 650W power supply serves as a promising foundation for potential upgrades, although they might not be necessary given the generous storage setup – a 1TB HDD and 500GB SSD combo – providing ample space to last a year or more, if not longer.

Alienware R14 Aurora Ryzen Edition — $2,100, was $2,780

Presenting our final offer, an absolute powerhouse housing an RTX 3080 Ti beneath its exterior, enabling seamless 4K gaming at comfortably smooth frame rates. While surpassing the 100 mark might be a challenge, particularly on the latest titles, the visual splendor at this level can easily overshadow such concerns. The presence of the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU further contributes to its might, a processor that, in typical AMD fashion, excels in multi-threading tasks such as audio editing and streaming.

Once more, the absence of DDR5 RAM is notable; however, the provided 16GB of DDR4 proves to be more than adequate, leaving room for future upgrades or replacements. The substantial 1TB SSD enhances the deal, offering ample storage that should remain sufficient, even considering the growing size of contemporary games. On the whole, the R14 emerges as a prime contender for one of the finest Black Friday deals for a premium gaming desktop, particularly one boasting an RTX 3080 Ti.




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