This HP laptop is $199 in Walmart’s rival Prime Day sale

Major shops are providing alluring discounts during the Amazon Prime Day sale, making it the perfect time to buy a low-cost laptop that satisfies your essential demands. The 15-inch HP laptop, on sale at Walmart for $199 instead of its typical $349 price, is one noteworthy bargain. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that only Walmart+ subscribers may take advantage of the Walmart discount. If you’re not already a subscriber, you can choose to becoming such in order to benefit from the deal by purchasing a one-month subscription. If you often purchase at Walmart, though, choosing the one-year Walmart+ subscription at a 50% discount might be a better overall option. Don’t pass on this opportunity to get a cheap laptop during Prime Day sale .

Why you should buy the HP 15-inch laptop

While it may not be classified among the top-tier 15-inch laptops, this option proves to be an excellent choice if you’re working with a limited budget and require a device for basic tasks. Under the hood, you’ll discover an Intel Pentium Silver N5030 processor, an entry-level chip that handles most productivity tasks efficiently. Whether you’re utilizing Excel, word processors, or participating in Zoom meetings, this processor is more than capable. Furthermore, the laptop features a decent 720p webcam, ensuring clear video calls. The screen itself operates at a 720p resolution and offers a peak brightness of 220 nits, which is perfectly suitable for most environments not exposed to direct sunlight.

Regarding the RAM, this laptop is equipped with 4GB, which may not be extensive. However, it offers the advantage of running Windows 11 in S Mode. This version of Windows is optimized to consume less RAM, resulting in a smoother user experience. In terms of storage, the laptop comes with a modest 128GB capacity. However, you have the option to supplement it with one of the available external hard drive deals, expanding your storage as needed. Despite its lower storage capacity, the laptop delivers impressive battery life comparable to some of the finest HP laptops, providing approximately 10-11 hours of usage. Moreover, its lightweight and slim design make it effortless to carry around, enhancing its portability.

In summary, the HP 15-inch laptop is an excellent choice for those seeking a budget-friendly option that fulfills basic requirements. With the Prime Day deal available at Walmart, offering the laptop for just $199, it represents a remarkable steal. However, it is advisable to explore other Prime Day laptop deals to ensure you find the most suitable option for your needs. Additionally, if you are open to alternative operating systems and do not necessarily require Windows, it may be worth considering the Prime Day Chromebook deals as they might provide a better fit for you.

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