Xbox Series X with Diablo 4 is $60 off for a limited time

If you’ve been hesitating to purchase a current-generation console, now is the perfect time to take action during Prime Day. Consoles are abundantly available and come at unbeatable prices. Dell is currently offering an incredible Prime Day deal on their website, where you can save $60 on the Xbox Series X and receive the Diablo IV bundle, effectively making the game free. This deal presents an excellent opportunity to get your hands on the Series X, as it’s not discounted as frequently as the Series S. Don’t miss out on this offer, check it out before it runs out of stock.

Why you should buy the Xbox Series X

For a considerable period, obtaining the Xbox Series X proved challenging, leading many console enthusiasts to opt for the slightly less powerful Series S during its initial release. The shortage of microchips during the pandemic played a significant role in this situation. However, the supply chains have now stabilized, and the Xbox Series X is readily available once again.

The primary advantage of the Xbox Series X over the Series S lies in its processing power. With an impressive 12 teraflops compared to the Series S’s 4, the Series X offers superior performance. It can deliver true 4K gaming, providing an immersive experience with the highest level of detail, perfect for playing games like Diablo IV on a large-screen TV. Additionally, the Xbox Series X allows for physical game discs, saving storage space on downloads, although Diablo IV will be digitally delivered as part of this bundle. If the Series X seems too advanced or costly, there’s also a Prime Day sale for the Xbox Series S.

The bundle featuring the Xbox Series X and Diablo IV also offers exclusive in-game content, making it a must-see for superfans. You’ll receive the Light-Bearer mount with Caparison of Faith armor for Diablo IV, a new pet for Diablo III, a mount for World of Warcraft, and a cosmetic set for Diablo Immortal. Notably, the Xbox Series X console itself retains its standard appearance, without any special Diablo decals or customized elements.

Attention Diablo IV fans without an Xbox Series X: Now is your opportunity to save $60! Seize the chance to get the console and game bundle during Dell’s competing Prime Day deals before it runs out of stock. Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer!

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